For virtual office users, startups, freelancers and traveling professionals, most of the time a home office works just fine.

But what happens when you need to meet a client? Or impress a potential investor?

You don’t want them in your home – unless of course you’re an interior designer living in a beautifully-kept show home. A coffee shop might be the next best thing. It’s free, and the coffee is good. But the downsides – wobbly tables, cramped corners, noisy chit-chat – don’t exactly give the right impression.

So why not hire a meeting room for an hour or two?

It’s professional, it’s a real business environment, and it definitely sets the scene. No doubt your client will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, and will recognize that you’re serious about your business.

On the subject of cost, take a look at these examples (prices correct as of September 2014):

  • High-rise downtown Jacksonville FL business center on Bay Street, meeting rooms starting from $35 per hour with Wi-Fi, phone access and AV equipment. More >
  • Smart business center in Boca Raton, with a shared lounge from $25 per hour or a private meeting room from $35 per hour. More >
  • Meeting rooms in Orlando FL. Large conference rooms starting at $35 More >

That’s just a flavor. Not likely to break the bank, right?

Whether you need a meeting room for a day in Jacksonville or already have an office with us and need a room when traveling Executive Suite Professionals and our resources can help you. If you need a meeting room or day office while traveling click here.

Simple. And what’s more, virtually all conference room venues offer a great cup of coffee too – so there really is no excuse to hold your next meeting in a coffee shop.

Goodbye wobbly tables, hello new business partnerships!

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