Ever wondered where your marketing dollars went?

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If you’ve ever felt like you’ve wasted money on:

  • Google AdWords
  • Blogs
  • Website
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Or Any Other Marketing Activity

You should attend this 5-Step Marketing System Workshop

This five-week workshop will help you:

  • Handle your marketing in-house more effectively
  • Understand the ideal order of marketing tasks
  • Realize ROI on your total marketing spend
  • Develop a streamlined marketing plan that actually works for your unique business
  • Gain access to an innovative approach to marketing that will help you get more leads

Each workshop begins at 11:45 in the Executive Suite Professionals River Conference Room on the following dates:

February 12

Step 1 – Primary Research

Explore the simple checklist-driven research methodology that’s been proven to help businesses gain a deep understanding of what their ideal customers actually want.

February 19

Step 2 – Digital Foundation

Discover the right and the wrong ways to bolster your presence on the internet.

February 26

Step 3 – Remarkable Content

Ever wondered what the difference is between successful blog posts and blog posts that stink? Want to know when it’s time to shoot a video or record a podcast? We’ll explore what content is and why it matters. They answers may surprise you!

March 4

Step 4 – Automate

Companies like yours are automating their marketing and you can, too. We’ll show you what you need to get started.

March 11

Step 5 – Multiply

We’ll walk you through the steps to take your business to teh next level by implementing the tools that you’ve gained over the previous four sessions.

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