With the ability to do job tasks remotely, many professionals are turning to virtual offices for their businesses. While many business owners can work from home, there are times when they will need an office to visit with clients or have professional meetings. Virtual offices make it possible for professionals to have their business in their homes. At any time, they can step into a virtual office to give them a more professional work environment when needed. 

From conference and video call technology to desk space to conference rooms for large meetings, a virtual office has all the technology in place that a business owner might need. The offices are run by a manager who provides all the state-of-the-art equipment of an office for a set price based on services required.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors can do most of their work from home because most of the communication comes over the telephone or through email. In the event that they need to use an office space, they can reserve a virtual office space. That space might even include a virtual assistant to schedule appointments or a virtual receptionist to answer the phone. When they have a new client that wants to meet in person the meeting can take place at a virtual office.

Law Firms

A small law firm might need virtual assistance with office space or an assistant to provide basic administrative tasks like bookkeeping or billing. Potential clients might not understand a lawyer who works from home. While the concept is coming into the latest century, some clients expect to see their lawyer in a luxurious office. With this in mind, lawyers can rent those luxurious offices for clients that might need that reassurance.


Along with tools like Skype and Dropbox that allow architects to share online, there are virtual offices and assistants that will help a remote worker be productive. It reduces the need and overhead associated with an office space. There are many architects who are opening the doors of their small business without having a physical door. They are setting up websites and doing all their work virtually.

Software Developers

Those who develop software can often do their work from home. As long as they have the computer that will allow them to code and work with others, they can develop processes at home. The most important part is that developers might have to work remotely but collaboratively. They may need more technology like the ability to connect with others through Skype or Google Hangouts. That can be accomplished with the help of a virtual office. Client meetings can take place in a virtual office for those developers who are working for themselves.

Engineering Firms

There are both financial and environmental considerations for those who want to work remotely in their own home offices. It allows their staff to work remotely too. There’s no extra cost for equipment, utilities or overhead. The freelance workers or telecommuters have to be able to access virtual space occasionally to hold group meetings and meet with potential clients or investors. A rented virtual office space will cost less than a dedicated office year-round.

Whether it’s physical space like a meeting room or administrative help with a virtual assistant or receptionist, a virtual office like those found at Executive Suite Professionals can be a great way to fill in the gaps between working from home and having a professional office.

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