Offices are normally categorized into three different types of spaces: A, B and C. It is a tiered system with level A office spaces being in the most sought-after buildings. Many times located in downtown areas, level A office spaces are ones where image conscious companies usually have their offices. Fortune 500 companies are likely to have level A office spaces.

Office Space Class A

“A” spaces may have terrific amenities like cafes, mailrooms, and fitness facilities. As you might expect, these also are the most expensive spaces and are highly competitive.

While “A” space is the most expensive, it is possible to have your business located at spaces like this on a budget. One such example is with Executive Suite Professionals. ESP clients only pay for their individual office, but expenses for common areas, receptionist, mail service and larger boardrooms is absorbed by Executive Suite Professionals. The result is an affordable office space that still has the upscale image for those companies that want to give their customers and employees comfort and peace of mind.

Office Space Class B

These spaces are not as impressive as the ones with an A rating. They’re about average as far as rent and age of the building itself. The building could be approximately 20 years old and be ready for a remodel. Perhaps it was once considered an “A” space but changing area demographics or lack of maintenance caused it to be downgraded to a “B” space.

As far as amenities, a B level building could have fancy marble lobbies,  or functional spaces that are medium-sized and near to a prime location. They could have some amenities like security personnel on site or parking for customers, clients and employees.

This type of building is for those who need to be near a certain location and would like some amenities, but can’t afford traditional “A” space.

C Office Space

A level C office space is primarily functional and lacks any amenities or highly coveted street visibility. It’s possible the space is outdated, perhaps in a higher crime area, in need of repair and lacks basic comforts like central air conditioning.

However, this is cheaper than class A or B space.

Best of “A” space without the cost.

In Jacksonville, Florida the concept of shared space continues to be a popular alternative to traditional space. With improvements in technology, many companies and individuals are electing to not have any space at all. Instead, they have a “virtual office” and have all the benefits of a traditional office, without the commitment of time and money it requires.

To learn more about shared office space or what it means to have a virtual office, visit Executive Suite Professionals website.

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