As we run with open arms into the future, embracing technology, and automation, companies are finding that the new influx of employees are rusty on their soft skills.

Shaking a hand, looking someone in the eyes, or simply smiling and greeting them with pleasantries has seen a decrease in the workforce. With the advancements in technology, we as a society have become heavily reliant on automated messaging systems and email. There is nothing wrong with these forms of communication, but an essential step to retaining business can be missed when a person is greeted by a machine or a disinterested front desk.

Soft skills are slowly fading with the onslaught of technological advances so when a company still incorporates soft skills in their business model it can really set them apart. Face to face interaction is on the decline in the work force, but there is still that need for a client to put a face to the voice on the phone or the emails they receive.

When thinking about your business, think about the reviews your company is receiving. Are they positive with client and employee interaction, or is that just omitted in the reviews all together. Sometimes silence on a particular aspect of an interaction can be just as bad as a negative review.

At Executive Suite Professionals, the ladies that work at the reception desk are encouraged to cultivate their soft skills to prime clients for a positive interaction. Shaking someone’s hand with confidence, smiling, and opening a dialogue that allows for the client to have undivided attention can be the difference between a new client or a missed opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with emails or automated messages, but at the end of the day, face to face interaction can make a big difference. Politeness and professionalism can bring in more clients than just an information email. At ESP we offer that face to face interaction. The front desk is always polite and professional and endeavor to give potential clients an opportunity to have a positive experience.

-Devin Hill

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