Your start-up has grown from a little idea in the back of your mind to a business that requires you to hire another person or two. Clients keep coming and the work keeps piling up. Your home office is starting to spill over into the living room and the kitchen, making your spouse get a little cabin fever going.

You’ve made the decision to move your company from your home to an office. It is time and you’re ready to take the leap. You tour business center after business center and you notice something. The centers where clients don’t interact, where there is no comradery seems dreary, almost depressing. You don’t want your company to get stuck under a gray cloud of anonymity.

The best marketing, even in today’s world is word of mouth. We don’t necessarily think of word of mouth being on the forefront, but just open the App store on your iPhone. Each app has reviews. The better the reviews, the more popular the app. Reviews are word of mouth.  When you come into a business center, how great would it be if other company’s on the floor knew who you were, what you do, and were able to direct new clients to you. It is free marketing, but the only way that can happen is if you’re in a business center that promotes a sense of community.

When you have peers singing your praises because they have interacted with you, built a connection with you, it can really make a difference. If you settle into an executive business center that does not promote community, it could be five years before another company even knows you’re there. Anonymity is not the way to go when building a business.

At Executive Suite Professionals, community is key. Events take place monthly to bring people out of their offices and to interact. Even in a world of technology, that face to face interaction can mean the difference between a lean month and a full month on the books. Community and communication is the best way to build a better network.

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