cropped-window-suite-at-esp1.jpgOffices are homes away from home. We leave our homes in the morning to settle in behind our desks and follow our passions in life. We build up our companies and reputations as professionals. The one thing we sometimes forget to focus on is the organization of our office.

Papers scattered the desk, the phones ring, and clients keep coming. Here are some tips and trick to keep the chaos under control.

  1. Folder and Binder: When it comes to papers, folders and binders are the best thing to keep the desk clear. It depends on the type of work you do whether or not you want to organize papers alphabetically by client name, or numerically by invoice number.
  2. Keep Your Desk Clear: When it comes to keeping the chaos down, in order to keep focused, only handle one client at a time. When we have a clear desk then we feel less pressured and calmer when we interact with our clients.
  3. Keep a Calendar: It doesn’t matter if the calendar is digital or pen and paper, but at the end of the day keeping a calendar will help you stay organized and efficient.

These are just a few tips to keep the office organized and running smoothly so your stress level doesn’t have to ride. Here at Executive Suite Professionals, if you find yourself with a cluttered office or need help in getting your office the way you’d like it, just ask. The ladies at ESP are here to help you in your journey to grow your business. Your success is our goal.

By Devin Hill

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