Every day we interact with dozens if not hundreds of people. Every minute of every day we are communicating with the world around us either by our body language or what we are verbally saying. We even communicate when we choose not to say anything at all.

In order to have a cohesive workplace where things run efficiently then communication is key. Think of a time when you were the new person in the office, you might have known how to do the job, but you didn’t know the procedures for that company. So you had a choice. You could either speak up and ask for help, or jump in and hope no one notices that you’re struggling. For some people, jumping in is the way to go, for others asking for help is the best course of action.

The best suggestion when it comes to starting at a new company is to communicate with those around you. Ask for help and if something is not making sense, ask again or ask in a different way until the procedure moves smoothly for you.

It is the same with any business interaction. Communicate clearly. When you are interacting with someone then make sure that they understand what is you need and you understand what it is they need. Communication can make or break a company. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help.

By Devin Hill

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