You have spent countless hours building a brand, refining your product, networking, and marketing, but now the time has come to make the final decision on where your company will call home for the first year. Do you pick a large office building with a ton of space? Or do you start a little smaller?

Leasing a building or a floor of a building is quite an endeavor. Yes, there is a ton of room, and for some clients they might feel more comfortable with your company based on the sheer size of your space, but is that really going to be the best fit for your budding company? When it comes to leasing a floor, you’re tied into a contract, some of which can last 12 months to 10 years, depending on where you’re looking. Then at the end of the month you will be writing a check for the floor, for water and electric, and any other services not included in your original lease.

On the other hand, imagine an office, one for you, one for your staff, just enough space. At the end of the month, you write one check instead of six. You don’t have to worry about phone, or internet, or the coffee. You’re not locked into a lease for years. This is what starting out in a business center is like, this is what starting out at Executive Suite Professionals is like.

Choosing an office suite at Executive Suite Professionals streamlines the process for you as a business owner, taking all of your worries and reducing them down to just one check per month. You’re only paying for the space you need rather than the whole floor. The business center handles your internet, your phones, has a full time reception staff, we cater to you and to your clients.

Leasing a floor or an office building when you’re first starting out can be a major headache, and because you are a new business, there might be things your miss in the lease. A business center that is all inclusive would alleviate that stress and worry. Simplifying your world for the first year that you’re in business is the best way to grow your company.

By Devin Hill

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