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Soft Skills: How They Can Set Your Business Apart

As we run with open arms into the future, embracing technology, and automation, companies are finding that the new influx of employees are rusty on their soft skills. Shaking a hand, looking someone in the eyes, or simply smiling and greeting them with pleasantries...

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How to Market a Small Business

  The office is all set, the decorations are up and they are inviting. The website has launched, the employees are ready to go, but clients are having a hard time finding your business. Why? Much of it has to do with the fact that when you hire a company to build...

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The Flavors of Downtown

Thursday, June 15th,   Lisa Gufford, Managing Member at Executive Suite Professionals planned an event in cooperation with CenterState Bank entitled ‘The Flavors of Downtown” where several brick and mortar restaurants donated food. Some of the restaurants include, The Pita Pit, Banks BBQ and Bakery, Akel’s Deli, Uptown Kitchen & Bar, The Ultimate Caribbean, and the Burrito Gallery. Why is this important?

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Suites near courthouse working for attorneys

By Max Marbut, Associate Editor

It’s only about 600 steps and 5.3 minutes from the Duval County Courthouse.

That’s part of what’s made Executive Suite Professionals such a success since it opened in July 2014, said Lisa Gufford.


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Differences Between Class A, B and C Office Space

Offices are normally categorized into three different types of spaces: A, B and C. It is a tiered system with level A office spaces being in the most sought-after buildings. Many times located in downtown areas, level A office spaces are ones where image conscious companies usually have their offices. Fortune 500 companies are likely to have level A office spaces.

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Executive Suite Professionals Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Jacksonville Award

Each year, the Best Businesses of Jacksonville Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Jacksonville area a great place to live, work and play.

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5 Business Types That NEED a Virtual Office

With the ability to do job tasks remotely, many professionals are turning to virtual offices for their businesses. While many business owners can work from home, there are times when they will need an office to visit with clients or have professional meetings. Virtual offices make it possible for professionals to have their business in their homes. At any time, they can step into a virtual office to give them a more professional work environment when needed. 

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Virtual Office: An Actual Definition and Stopping the Shills

As part of our journey to clarify the history of virtual offices, we at Alliance Virtual Offices have had the pleasure of speaking with some early pioneers of the virtual office movement. Our friends at OfficingToday have also undertaken research focusing on the roots of the sector and, while the process is still ongoing, we want to update you with some important revelations that have come to light.

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How to Tighten Up Your Remote Team’s Feedback Loop

The best way to encourage feedback is to get there early in your employee onboarding process. Introduce any new hire to the rest of your team thoroughly and encourage your existing workforce to reach out to casually chat and start building connections.
This may seem like an odd first step to tightening your remote team’s feedback loop, but the closer your team is, the more comfortable they will be with giving (and receiving) feedback. Encourage collaboration through either group projects or brainstorming sessions, meet and greet with the whole team in person (if possible) and above all else encourage questions.

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How to Build Company Culture with Remote Teams

“Company culture is the personality of a company.” –

A simple, understandable definition; yet, it doesn’t portray the importance of company culture. Company culture encompasses goals, vision, mission, values, beliefs, employees, and relationships. As Trinet explains:

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